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is a Desktop based Complete Patent Management System designed primarily for the United States Patent and Trademark Office(USPTO), for fast searching, batch downloading multiple Patents and Prior Art Searching directly from your desktop.

ipMAGNET's 18 individually designed independent specialized Screens for Seamless navigation between the different Search screens while keeping the search results intact is a great way to efficiently cross reference Patents and Publications and Perform Prior Art Searches at the USPTO.

Implementing the new USPTO's Seven Step Search Strategy , we can Search Classes based on Invention KeyWords, dial down the relevant Classification Titles, Review the Class Definitions, Search and Download Patents for that Class and Conduct In-Depth Review of the Patent using Prior Art Searches, all in place from a Single Screen.

Quick and Advanced Patent Search Patent Search by Number Instant Issued Patent Check
Cooperative Patent Classification US Patent Classification System PUBLIC PAIR Image Wrappers
Assignments On The Web Common Citation Document Patent to Pub Crossreference
Search Patent Bibliography Batch, Bulk Patent Download Single Click Search All Patents
Search USPTO by Inventor(s) PRIOR ART PATENT SEARCHES USPTO Patent Assignee Search
Search by Attorney or Agent Search Patents by Applicant Search Patent by Examiner
Download BY Sections Forward USPTO Patent Citations Backward USPTO Patent Citations
Search by Current Date(s) Built In Abstract Viewer Convenient Patent PDF Naming
Export Search Results to EXCEL Export Abstract to WORD Built In PDF Viewer

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